ToonHUD is a customizable HUD for Team Fortress 2. It comes with an updater, which allows you to modify and update ToonHUD with ease.

ToonHUD is made for Windows. Linux and OSX versions are coming later.

If you use ToonHUD, please leave some feedback and join ToonHUD's Steam Group.

  • ToonHUD UpdaterWindows
  • ToonHUD 4.3Windows

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Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Want to thank me? Leave your anonymous feedback here. Remember that I don't know who you are, so I can't answer you. If you have any questions, leave them to ToonHUD's Steam Group.


Version 4.3 (07/21/2014)

  • Added Robot Destruction support
  • "Auto scrambling teams" message is now smaller
  • "Teams have been autobalanced" message is now in the middle of the screen
  • Player statuses in MvM spectate do not overlap anymore
  • Added Damage and Support counters to scoreboard
  • Moved "On the bright side..." message higher
  • Fixed the icon of teleport menu
  • "Remove shine" override works now with the CTF panel


You can support ToonHUD donating money or your extra Steam or TF2 items. Thank you!